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Advantages of Russian mail order bride sites

There are a lot of different websites offering a possibility of foreign marriage, but Russian mail order brides are far ahead in this competition.  Does their gorgeous appearance mean they are out of your league? Not at all! You will not believe how many single women from Russia seek a steadfast and reliable partner to create a happy marriage with. Moreover, their demands for gentlemen are far from being sky-high!

The problem of loneliness and lack of meaning of life wasn’t invented yesterday. It is the bane of society that has plagued humanity for ages. However, ancient problems can be resolved with modern solutions. Do you feel lonely and unfulfilled, does your life seem dull and joyless without a serious reason for it? Simply saying, are you alone and looking for companionship?  Mail order bride sites might be just that modern solution you need.

There are a lot of prejudices about online dating, but to be fair, most of them are silly and obsolete. There is a popular opinion that lots of women who register on such websites are just light-minded gold-diggers interested only in sexual escapades and easy money. That is just a narrow-minded stereotype. You will actually not believe how many women might pursue the very same goals – finding companionship and with it, a meaningful life. 

How to find yourself a Russian bride? 

If you seek a bride from Russia than you definitely have an exceptional taste for women. Russian girls are stated to be the epitome of beauty, femininity, tenderness, and sensitivity by a vast number of people who visited Russia. If it doesn’t seem to be objective truth for you, then feel free to visit any Russian online dating platform and look through the photos you will find in the feed. Lists of Russian ladies looking for a partner will shake you up with their stunning beauty.

Why choose dating platforms specified on Russian ladies? A good portion of women there has been committed to painful relations with local men, who failed to recognize what kind of treasure they were lucky to get. For this reason, single Russian women are looking for an opportunity to marry a foreign man with completely different standards, worldviews, and mentality. That’s why it is fairly easy to find a breathtakingly beautiful, romantic and sensitive spouse on the web nowadays.

Some facts about mail order brides

Mail order bride services are definitely not the newest invention. Mail order brides existed more than one hundred years ago and they consisted of women seeking a way to start a new life along with the opportunity of creating a loving relationship. Such women were first seen during the exploration of the American frontier. When men were moving from the East to the West pursuing their dreams of gold, business opportunities, and success, they very much lacked companionship and tenderness of female care in the inhospitable and unexplored lands of Wild West. Women as well saw the opportunity and growing demand of their company, so bold, opportunistic and venturous ladies started to fill newspapers with their offers to become the first mail order brides in history.

Today’s service of mail order brides has developed significantly since the time of its beginning. Numerous websites and dating platforms offer a myriad of marriage and companionship opportunities and hot Russian women truly stand out in this highly competitive field. Why are beautiful Russian girls always a few steps ahead of their competitors? A mix of a stunning appearance and a developed cultural tradition of loyalty and dedicated companionship creates an outstanding wife material.

Some people may think that Russian women who register on mail order bride sites are just seeking to escape their home country at all costs. There may be such cases, but this is actually incorrect for the majority of Slavic girls. Some Russian ladies may have had an unpleasant experience with local men, but the root cause for registration on dating websites appears to be objectively simple – a shortage of men. Statistics say that the proportion of men and women in Russia is 8 to 10. With a shortage of men like this in a country where marriage is one of the main social goals, some women seek their potentials husbands from other countries.

While the divorce rate among standard marriages in unnervingly high, marriages arranged through dating websites actually enjoy success and low rates of divorces. How is this real? Dating sites employ various tools which allow ensuring that newly-created couples are a perfect fit for each other. Sensitive companionship is the main  goal for dating websites, so make sure that both sides meet a suitable and ideal partner is a top priority. The main principles of such a result are actually simple. Men choose brides carefully, as dating a foreign woman involves some expenses like paying for a visa, translators, gifts, website fees, etc. Ladies have their reasons to be cautious as they potentially seek a life-time husband to engage in marriage and raise kids with.

There is another narrow prejudice suggesting that only females register on mail order bride services. Some platforms offer mail order husbands and such grooms are actually on demand. Business ladies look for such ready-to-take husbands as they will be stripped of time for their personal lives and romantic affairs due to being mostly occupied by the demanding and unrelenting business world.

 The number of Russian mail order bride sites has been steadily growing over the years and such a tendency is there for a good reason. After a short glance at hot Slavic ladies and their cultural inheritance, you will have no other questions.

Why should you seek a Slavic bride?

Girls from Russia are walking proof that beauty can truly conquer the world. While women from Russia create a stereotype of being the hottest females in the entire world, they at the same time ruin another stereotype that beautiful appearance is commonly paired with a shallow personality.

Gorgeous as they are, Slavic ladies also possess romantic and affectionate nature, which compels them to create a loving relationship. These feminine and ladies are truly mesmerizing but don’t think that the fun is over when the relationship starts. Slavic girls are known to be highly emotional and that is true in the majority of cases.

The nature of hot Russian women

The sensitive nature of Russian girls opens a lot of opportunities. A bunch of flowers, a teddy bear, a little romantic gift, a small evening walk along the silent coast or in the middle of a boulevard flickering with street lights can provoke a genuine adoration or even tears of joy. Don’t be afraid to be a classy “old-fashioned” gentleman, open the doors for your lady, wait for her to sit up, give her your jacket if the evening becomes chillier than expected. You will not believe but it is quite possible to become a hero for a Russian lady even after such small actions.

Speaking of little things and small victories, they are quite a big deal and sometimes even a game-changer for Russian ladies in a loving relationship. They truly thrive on attention and even the slightest signs of love and recognition and as they are attentive to their men, they will also require some attention and love back. It won’t require any supernatural effort  to make a Russian girl feel loved and appreciated, just don’t be lazy and greedy for little signs of care and tenderness, like a bunch of flowers or a romantic dinner once in a while. With the help of such seemingly little things, you can experience the great thrill of winning a woman’s heart.

Beware though, that such a sensitive personality also comes with some side effects. Emotional nature may be unstable and susceptible to sudden and quite radical mood swings. She may laugh now and then unexpectedly burst into tears a few minutes after. She may accept the adversity and cruel nature of the surrounding reality but cry over a video with cute animals being hurt or even simply a little sad. Scenes of romantic affection may come together with loud and unnerving arguments. Simply saying, Slavic girls may bring some drama into your life, which can be a refreshing experience to keep your senses sharp and life-drive running.

Why do western men go for brides from Russia?

 Russia itself often resembles a mysterious gateway into the past and its peculiar traditions, culture, and social standards. Local females remain carriers of those old traditions to some point. Slavic society insists that a woman’s top priority should be marriage and family. It’s not uncommon for a woman there to frequently hear questions from her relatives like “When is the wedding happening?” or “You’ve been married for a while, why don’t you have babies yet?”.

These traditions may seem pushy or obsolete on the one side, but on the other hand, such upbringing rises women who take marriage seriously. With such an emphasis on marriage, loyalty and supportive nature are coded deeply into Russian women’s psyche. If a Slavic lady chooses a man to be her spouse, she will go through ice and fire with him.

Along with such loyalty, conservative views about gender roles and family hierarchy are still relevant. In Slavic societies, a man is always viewed as the head of the family who should have his word as the last about any crucial decisions. There is a famous Russian saying. In a word-by-word translation, it sounds as “A man is a head and the woman is his neck”, – as you can see it strongly indicates the caring and supportive women’s position in Slavic traditions.

The vast diversity of Russian ladies

They say that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and this 100% applies to Russian dating. Russia is a multicultural country that contains many ethnic groups, genotypes, and traditions fusing together in the huge melting pot known to be the largest country on the planet.

An unbelievable variety of features, shapes, and colors mixed in women from Russia truly captures the imagination. There are brown-eyed eastern-like beauties, blond-haired Nordic goddesses with limpid blue eyes or gorgeous ladies fitting to be Asian princesses. Among the lists of Russian ladies, there always will be a match even for the most demanding tastes.

What do Russian women seek in a man?

Feminine, traditional and loyal Slavic girls are bent towards caring about their hearth and home. Such brides require a man of strong character, a clear mind, and a stout heart, as only those traditionally manly gentlemen fit to be their husbands and fathers of their kids.

Russian girls are raised with an image of the prince on his high horse coming to save the damsel in distress. Many of them grow adult and still subconsciously wait for a noble prince to come for them. This may seem like a high price to pay but the man who fits to be that hero will be rewarded beyond imagination with a faithful and lovable princess ready to go through hell and back by her man’s side.

How a foreign man can become a perfect husband 

Many Slavic ladies feel disappointed with the men that their native country has to offer and for this reason, they turn their sights to the foreign man with a different mentality, culture, and manners. Also, the demographic situation with the number of females prevailing in Russia’s population renders many of ladies to look abroad in search of their significant other.

A mysterious husband from abroad teases the imagination and thus becomes a perfect candidate for a man from the dreams.

Why women from Russia become the best brides?

A unique combination of their sensitive nature and old Russian traditions creates women who are potentially the best brides in the entire world. Russian women aim to get relationships that will last forever so they are loyal to their men and once they are sure you are their perfect match, family creation will be the next step in your romance. The combination of loyalty, femininity, family orientation, and astounding beauty of hot Russian women makes them a perfect choice for men who look for mail order brides.

Why do Russian women want to become brides?

As was said above, the cultural and social environment compel Russian girls to become brides and aim towards marriage. Friends with benefits and promiscuity are often foreign notions among Slavic people and this kind of behavior is frowned upon. The majority of Russian people believe that a person should be in a marriage rather than in a relationship.

Main Characteristics of beautiful Russian girls

Hot Russian women are famous for their cheerful and amusing company. Raised as the keepers of joy and benevolent atmosphere, they tend to carry this demeanor everywhere they go to whether it will be a date, a trip with friends or a family dinner.

They may look like enigmatic femme fatalities at some point of your acquaintance, but another amazing feature of Slavic women is their straightforward nature. They know what they want and go for it. Slavic ladies do not go for needless mannerisms and prudery so the communication with them is easy and pleasant.

What a marriage with a Russian woman will be like?

These traditions breed perfect brides with high concepts of loyalty and dignity. This old-fashioned philosophy can be truly a refreshing experience for western men who are looking for a loving and steadfast relationship but struggle in search of a fitting partner in highly individualistic and frivolous western culture.

Why do Russian ladies become the best wives?

 Unlike their western counterparts, Slavic ladies are focused on building a lovely family nest instead of an individual career. Slavic ladies are often willing to put aside their success and ambition for the sake of marriage and kids.

A wife like this always makes sure that a warm dinner waits for her husband when he gets home after a long and hard day at work. A wife from Russia will definitely care for her spouse and give a warm embrace of her affection and caress, should the hard times kick in for her beloved one.

What do they expect from marriage?

When Slavic brides look for their perfect husband, they want him to be strong-willed, confident and courageous. A fading image of an autocratic leader and bread-earner is ever relevant in the minds of Russian brides. They also like their men to be masculine and brutal. Note that a man with a cigarette in his mouth and a hammer in his hands is a much more appealing picture for Russian ladies than a smoothly dressed metrosexual.

Slavic ladies expect their husbands to take care of the expenses and feed the family, while it is the wife’s duty to take care of the household, family atmosphere and children. Proper upbringing of kids and maintenance of the family nest is a resource-draining mission indeed, so it requires a full commitment from a housekeeper, and Russian ladies expect the expenses to be covered by the stronger sex.

Are Russian Brides legit?

Potential Russian brides on our websites are completely legit and registered there on a voluntary basis only. Be aware that slavery and man-trafficking are serious offenses and we neither promote nor approve it. The mail order bride platforms contain real Russian brides’ photos and do everything possible to ensure brides and men who seek them to find a perfect match for themselves. The outcome of the relationship and successful marriage itself is your own responsibility. There are hundreds of hot single women out there looking to be your caring and loving wives! Find yourself romantic companionship and the meaning of life with us!

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